School Things

Go to Class!!!!

Every day on the drive to school I pass by this high school. I understand that kids tend to get to school late or that they enter later than others, so it’s normal to see kids wondering around the campus, but it still ticks me off. I see them walking to 7-Eleven and McDonald’s and other places. I can’t help but want to say “Go to Class!!”, I mean they can go to school and sit in class and be prepare, but I realize that this is a dream that will not be.

Why do kids feel the urge to rebel against school. When I was in school I was always rushing to get to class on time, I mean I wasn’t the smart kid. I was always failing and not turning in work and such. But I was smart in the way that when I would take the test I would always pass with flying colors. What I was, was a lazy child.

What’s the lesson……I don’t like teens on the streets. I never liked teens on the streets even when I was a teen. Why is that?

All teenagers have this desire to somehow run away.

-Joan Chen


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