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Sexism (in school….!)

So today I went to look for my school counselor, He wasn’t in, He’s never in, and I found something that had completely skipped my mind. The school loves to send student to different colleges to witness different programs, This one happened to be the West Coast Trip, were we would go see some schools in the West Coast. So interested as I was I grabbed a sheet and walk back to the Library, the place I write these blogs, and sat down to read it. I get to the back of the first page and just have to put the thing down in laughter. On the bottom margin they have listed who the Chaperones are going to be, and I’m like ok it’s good to know who will be going with us, so I read on. Well I get to the bottom of the list and what do I see? I see in small print the words “and several FEMALE chaperons.” WFT?! man so I almost burst out in laughter. Way to school you have some how managed to get away with something like this again! I have gotten use to it by now, so many years of dealing with the crap, but instead of causing anger that the first few times now it only causes laughter and mirth.

Why? Well let me explain it to you.  After being here for so many years you learn that it’s the WOMEN who run this show. The men might have the final say and what not, but it’s the women who turn the head at points. They put up with it as long as they get what they want in the end. What do they want? Power. It’s that simple. The women may be put down and what not, but when night falls the mouths open and chew on the flesh. Then they learn who’s boss.


Man is the head of the family; woman the neck that turns the head.

                              -Chinese Aphorism


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