School Things

Fly on the Wall

So today I was sitting in the library doing my blog and working on different things when I hear some interesting comments. It made me feel like a fly on the wall. Like I am invading their privacy by just listing to them talk. Should I even be writing theses things down?! Is there some kind of manual or something concerning this? If so i kind of want a copy.

Well anyway what I learned is that sometimes people are nice to their face but other times, when they leave, the truth flies faster than a truck in a tornado. Why is this? Why can’t we just tell people up front what we think of them? Is it not to ruin there relationship or to save face or something? I just don’t understand. I’m a very blunt person and rarely do I lie about something that concerns me big time. I just don’t see the reason.

Sometimes it feels good to be a fly on the wall other times it just feels invasive.


 Jennifer Saunders 


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