School Things

Deaf to Matters

OK so today I’m going to school all dandy and whatnot. I’m excited cause I have on my fav. jeans and an ugly shirt, but its a necessary evil today.  So get in, I’m walking through the door to go class and all, but I get this rush of excitement and sense of smugness. A long line of disgruntled students was at the door, ALL going to back into their cars and onto their homes, all cause of some stupid misunderstanding.

Ok so yesterday at last period the office staff made an announcement that , in hindsight, made both excitement and trouble. Ok so the announcement was made to say that students could wear spirit shirts and staff could wear the college shirts, but the office mixed up on the words and what came out was “Students can wear spirit shirts OR college shirts.” So come morning there was throng of students all dressed in college shirts all excited and happy, and the admin staff was all confused.

Ok I get that it was a mistake and all. ok that’s fine, but what really gets on my nerves is that the admin had to go and say that they didn’t hear the announcement , when ALL, students and staff, had hear the announcement as clear as day. You couldn’t just let it fly and move on? Gosh man



Don’t sweat it nor regret it, just move on and forget it.



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