School Things


So Monday I didn’t do a post because 1: I was attending a college meeting and 2: My chromebook was out of battery after said meeting.

So Monday I was going to write about the struggle of filling out applications for college. So I’m going to tie this in with today’s topic: Memories. So here we go…….

So Monday I was sitting in the library like I’m always am when i hear the snip bits of conversations. All I hear are complaints over how its so hard to fill out college applications and how all the colleges ask the same questions so it’s so much easier to fill out a common app application then one for each college. But here’s the thing with that. When you fill out your application you have to tailor it to fit the college and show them you’re a good fit for THEM and that you aren’t just filling applications to see where you would be accepted to. This fills your head with memories of remember that time when we had to hunt down this and this person for this and this. You remember the hard times AND the good times. 

Sorry Guys I’m a little tired right now.


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