My Life


Sometimes we can’t help but feel emotions towards people we sometimes don’t necessary want or can afford to have emotions towards. I hate the emotions. They cause so many problems and situations that  I can do without. Sometimes you can’t help it and all you can do is try to resist and hope that things will be fine. 

Recently I have had some issues with this. Certain people I have been hanging out with have caused certain things to come to mind. Maybe it’s just me being a person and because we hang out a lot things have happen or something, i don’t know. It leaves you powerless sometimes. You can’t help but start to think of how you look around them and how to act and how to be and such and it just messes with your head.

I can’t sometimes. I feel bad because I know i’m not the only person that thinks about this and I don’t want hurt certain people’s feeling. I don’t like crushes what so ever…..  


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